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Website Background

The IMA website ( was originally designed in 1999 by the Herald Times and an IMA physician. The current director of information systems, Lori Teach, took over the site two-three years ago and implemented a complete site redesign (comment code for the Home page indicates that new IMA pages were uploaded on December 3, 2000 by Les Teach). The original site had been composed of pages which were entire graphics and therefore was impossible to update. However, the basic format and navigation of the site were not changed because IMA liked its visual appearance and functionality. There have been no major hardware or software changes since the creation of the site. Currently, the site is relatively small in scope, containing approximately 128 pages (counted at on October 6, 2003)

Until September, 2003, decisions regarding the current IMA website were made by a committee consisting of Lori Teach, Les Teach (Web Designer), Jennifer Forney (Marketing) and Dave Burnworth (Director of Clinical Operations). Jennifer Forney left IMA in early September 2003. The current committee meets weekly to discuss content changes and standards for the site. However, there is no written documentation regarding site standards and/or limitations.

In terms of devoted Website maintenance, Lori typically devotes two in-house hours to the site per week. Les Teach is outsourced and devotes 1-2 hours per week on site maintenance, including graphic work and content updates.

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The site work is done on both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

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The software packages used to update and maintain the site are BBEdit (Mac platform only) and Macromedia Dreamweaver.

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The IMA site is hosted locally by Kiva Networking. Kiva charges IMA approximately $3,600 per year for domain hosting and Internet access. The site runs on an Apache/1.3.27 server (Unix) with a RedHat (Linux) 6.2 OS. In addition, the site has the following capabilities: FrontPage/, PHP/4.1.2, mod_ssl/2.8.12 and OpenSSL/0.9.6b on Linux. IMA has a dedicated full T1 line back to Kiva. However, their site is actually hosted on a webserver located at Kiva's main site. IMA also has the option to run SQL or ASP if they would like. To use these services, IMA simply has to request that these options be activated.

In terms of infrastructure, the network is composed of Cisco 3600 series switches and 7200 series routers. The capacity of Kiva's external bandwidth is confidential, but it is well above T1 capacity. The network is quite reliable, as Lori attests to. Specifically, the network is multi-honed with tier 1 and tier 2 cross data providers. All routers are connected to BPS's, that can be remotely managed. Kiva's Blommington-based systems are also connected to a backup generator that is capable of maintaining system and network power in excess of 3 days. In addition, the webserver has had less than 2 hours of unscheduled down time in the past year. The webserver is on a monitoring system that pages an on-call technician should it go down, but Kiva does not actively monitor the IMA site itself. Rather, that is IMA's responsibility.

IMA has 25 MB of space allotted to them on the Kiva server. This amount may be increased at any time. Scripting options are limited to this space allotment. Should they choose to increase the amount of space they use over 200 MB, Kiva would suggest they co-locate as a server in their machine room.

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IMA has a fairly simple software and hardware setup for their current website. Site updates are performed as needed using a popular WYSIWIG, HTML editor and the site is securely hosted by a local ISP. Should IMA choose to automate more of their site content generation, the capability does exist within their hosting package to increase disk space and/or run SQL or ASP.

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